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You're Homeschooling, So Now What??!? To Publications / Articles - You're Homeschooling, So Now What??!?

Posted 11/2/20
Myers, Sandy

You've made the decision to homeschool, so now what? There are many directions to take with homeschooling your children; you could homeschool traditionally, classically, roadschool, eclectically or even UNschool. Don't know what most of those are? It's ok. Just know you have a lot of options and you should take the time to investigate until you find what fits your family. 

So, while you are out here looking for the best fit for your family, here is a shameless plug for (in my opinion) the BEST homeschool Co-Op out there! At NHHG you will find support in your journey, a community of Christians with not only similar beliefs but also goals and a commitment to your students' education. It's a special group and well worth investigating for your family also.