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Posted 3/8/21
Lisa Spangler

       Can I really do this?! If that question has run through your mind you’re not alone. The majority of homeschool moms have wrestled with this more than once. For me, it seems like I wrestle with it every year. It may come at the beginning of a school year when I’m not very motivated to begin, when I’m feeling burned out, or on one of those headache inducing, challenging school days with my children. But here I am after nearly twenty years of homeschooling, quickly nearing the finish line with my youngest two children out of six. What grace! God’s abundant grace enabled me and will enable you. So yes, because of grace, you can do this!

     Grace to keep homeschooling can come in various ways. Over the years, I’ve learned that God often extends His grace by means of homeschool co-ops. When my oldest son hit eighth grade, panic set in. Not in him, in me! I realized these days REALLY mattered and I was NOT qualified to teach high school math or science. That is when we first committed to a co-op and oh what grace! Who knew there were other homeschool moms that had a passion for the math and science classes that made me cringe?! God brought us to a place where my oldest children could receive the academics that they needed by moms who were excited about their subject matter. Enabling grace. Yes, we could do this!

     Being part of NHHG has not only given my children opportunities that I would not be able to provide but it has also grown them in ways that otherwise would not have been possible. As other teachers hold students accountable to handing in work on time and completing assignments accurately and thoroughly, it develops much responsibility in them. Even more, it relieves moms from the tension that can be created between relationships since we are no longer the sole person the student must answer to. It’s this kind of grace that helped me to keep running this race.There’s no doubt that God pours out grace on us through co-op communities, enabling us and equipping us to what He has called us to.