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Posted 3/10/21
Lisa Spangler

                                                                                           Overlooked Gift

     Gifts. They are fun to give and fun to receive. Typically when they are given, we don’t fail to notice them. But I believe that we have a special gift from God here at New Horizons that is easy to overlook.  What is that gift? Community. Not just community in a broad sense. I’m speaking of a community of moms whose care runs far deeper than workbooks, lesson plans or tests. So much more happens here than just providing an excellent education for our children. And it happens between the moms.

    There are times when I’ve entered the community room to see women gathered around a table, heads bowed in prayer. Other times there is boisterous laughter coming from these ladies within these walls. It is in this community room that tears have been shed as we’ve shared our hearts and have carried each other’s burdens. Oh, and do you need some homeschooling support?  Some fresh ideas or insight? You’ll find it in this community room. From seasoned homeschooling moms of many years to others just getting started, suggestions and tips are readily shared. In a word, it’s ministry. These ladies genuinely minister to each other in such a variety of ways. I’ve been blessed to be both on the giving and receiving end of all these things. 

    The ministry, care, love and support that goes on within the community room is not something that happens in all co-ops. What we have is a GIFT. Don’t overlook it. Treasure it and thank God for graciously giving it to us.